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I’m an engineer who partners with funds, accelerators, and early-stage healthcare companies to grow successful companies and bring great products to the market. After spending 8 years in various R&D roles, managing projects and product development, since 2016 I’m more focused on Business development, VC investing and initiating and mentoring new projects.

Tech and business-oriented. I’m able to see the big picture of projects and drill down on technology, market analysis, and business models. An all-around player, experienced with R&D, manufacturing, RA, QA, IP, and Clinical as well as business development, screening & Due diligence and deal flow management.

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I worked with Daniel for a long time in which he presented a great understanding of the entrepreneur's side in the development of medical device companies through deep knowledge of medical device technology and business development. Today I continue to seek to advise from Daniel and he is a wonderful colleague, I highly recommend Daniel for any startup initiative in the mentoring of entrepreneurs in order to achieve their goals. By having Daniel by your side you will enjoy a kind person with an ambition to push you forward, Daniel is very talented and is a great peoples person.

Ziv Menshes

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